The Rav grew up in Har Nof, Yerushalayim. He attented the  Talmud Torah haMesora  and studied in the  Yeshiva Pachad Yitzchok under the tutelage of Rav Yonasan David, Shlit"a. After graduating from the Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak and studying in kollel, the Rav was requested to give shiurim to both avreichim and baale batim who shared a common and intense desire to come closer to Hashem. These lectures ultimately grew to become the Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh series of 9 volumes. Thousands of sets of this series have been distributed free to Torah institutions and synagogues in the USA and Israel.

The Rav later also gave a series of shiurim at the well-known Shorashim kiruv center in Tel Aviv that became the Da Es series which emphasize self-attainment and the search for the real “me.”

After these sefarim started to circulate widely, the author visited the USA and Canada several times at the request of the various communities whose lives had been profoundly affected by the Rav’s teachings. In 2017-2018 the Rav travelled to Panama, Argentina and Brazil.

More recently, the Rav has focused on the topic of the Four Elements and wants to train therapists and open therapy centers using the methods derived from the ancient Rabbinc tradition to treat modern ailments.

To date close to 50 sefarim have been published in hebrew. Several of his sefarim have been translated into english: Building a Sanctuary in the Heart Part One and Part Two, Getting to Know Your Self, Getting to Know Your Soul, Getting to Know Your Home, Getting to Know Your Feelings. Recent english publications include a translation of the first part of the Rav's commentary on Mesillas Yesharim, entitled "Bilvavi on the Path", a anthology of drashas on the HolyDays, and an anthology on the weekly parsha. Currently being edited is a series of drashas the Rav delivered to women.

The Rav has studied the full spectrum of Torah literature that deal with the topic of “how to best serve Hashem.” Using an eclectic approach, he has developed a method that speaks to the hearts of Jews from all walks of life from modern orthodox youths to Meah She’arim chassidim.

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